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4 Reasons Why an Outdated Website is Costing YOU Money

4 Reasons Why an Outdated Website is Costing YOU Money

An Outdated Website Costs You Money!

If you have no or an outdated website you should probably know, your website is the face of your small (or large) local business in today’s connected world. Most of the time its the first thing potential customers see, over 80% of all purchases begin online and it’s more then likely they make their buying decision based on what the found on your website. Today it gets more and more important to have a strong web presence.

Sadly, we still see small business websites on a daily basis that seem to be stuck in the early 2000’s mindset with outdated designs and functionalities. Back then having a website was considered a fancy gadget. Having this mindset today will not only effect your business negatively and keep you from capturing lucrative customer leads through online searches, but it also kills your credibility when they compare you to your competitor or the newbie in your niche that has invested in their web presence. Remember that 80% of all purchases begin online, even if you are a regular brick and mortar shop or business. The consequences are that you will be forced to spend more money on marketing and advertising to make up for the lost business due to your lack of having a website or having an outdated one.

Here are four reasons why an outdated website fails and
what you can do to avoid being one of them:

  1. Not introducing your Unique Selling Point quickly or clearly.

    It doesn’t matter if your customer audience is made up of other businesses or consumers, your website is your display window and your digital elevator pitch – your website visitor has to know who you are, what you do and what they can expect in less then thirty seconds. Your website visitors have to be seduced in doing business with you instead of with your competitor.

  2. Stale and boring content.

    Your website shouldn’t be static, just like your regular window display or menu, it should be updated regularly. It is not a “set it and forget it” system. The content on your website should be up-to-date and relevant to keep people coming back for more. Regular updates are also important for your SEO ranking especially with the new Google’s local search algorithm, the new 3-pack.

  3. Lack of CTA’s (Call-To-Action’s).

    Getting visitors to your website is great, but now what? Believe it or not but people actually like to get told what to do, so without clear call-to-actions you will lose a lot of potential leads. You should put a cta on every page of your website, even if its just inviting them to sign up for your newsletter. It can bring people a step closer to purchasing from you or contacting you for an appointment, never leave potential customers wondering what to do next.

  4. Mobile-friendly or bust.

    A few months ago, back in April 2015, Google Search Engine launched their so called mobilegeddon update which uses mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. This basically means that non mobile optimized or friendly websites were dropped in the serps (search engine result pages). If you have a 10 year old website using flash, you can be sure it will not show up in mobile searches. With the ever growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, these searches are quickly beginning to dominate the metrics of internet usage. If you have a mobile optimized and up-to-date website it will be found easier and you won’t have to waste your time and money to get valuable visitors and customer leads.

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