Search Marketing for Real Estate Agencies

Real Estate SEO

As a real estate agent your number one priority should be search engine optimization. Why?

+ 53% of home buyers begin their search using Google
+ Over 90% of homebuyers use the Internet to look for homes
+ Real estate Google searches have increased by 253% over the last 4 years alone

Selling is as simple as having your website present when buyers are searching for it. The problem is websites like Zillow and Trulia dominate search results, forcing you to buy ad space on their pages.

No more.

Our real estate search engine optimization (SEO) package is second to none. We’ve helped dozens of realtors get more qualified traffic, leads and ultimately sales from their website’s.

Within a few short months, our team of SEO experts will have your website ranked front and center for valuable real estate search queries that will drive a ton of high quality leads through your website.

When you are reviewing the top real estate angency marketing ideas and brainstorming ideas to generate more real estate leads , SEO is one strategy that you do not want to overlook. Sem Express SEO is an Internationally recognized SEO firm known for our industry leading strategies, here are just a few places you may have seen us recently:

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Real Estate SEO strategies allow you to connect with potential clients who are in your area and are actively looking for the services you offer. It is for that very reason that SEO leads close at 14.6% on average while outbound leads close at just over 1.5%. In case you are not familiar with SEO, here is a brief overview:

In order to devise an effective marketing plan, your website needs to be carefully crafted so that it is technically sound, SEO optimized, and able to generate leads from the traffic it will receive. We offer SEO & conversion friendly web design for real estate agencies so that you are able to find, attract, and convert potential customers through online channels.

In addition to optimizing your site and improving your rankings we will also track and monitor how users behave on your website. Do they spend several minutes and visit a few pages of does most of your traffic leave after viewing a single page for just a few seconds? We take the time to understand the how and why of user behavior and then we use the knowledge to improve your campaign performance. In 2016 SEO is about more than just keywords and when you partner with Sem Express SEO, you will benefit from our years’ of knowledge, our transparent service model, and our brutal honesty.

When we create marketing plans for real estate agencies, we do so in the most effective way to drive ROI and help you generate more real estate leads so that you can sustain or grow your business. We do not have one size fits all packages and every real estate SEO plan is custom built based upon your needs, goals, and competition.

If you are tired of spending money on dated print advertising, get in touch with Sem Express SEO Experts today. We look forward to learning more about your business and showing you how we can help you meet and exceed your growth goals in 2016.

Don’t trust your website with just any SEO agency – let the real estate SEO experts handle it!  Schedule a free call with our marketing expert by clicking the button below or request a free seo analysis.