Rent Your Website Silver

The Silver Plan is perfect for small businesses to rent a website, a beautifull site for your company ...

Best suited for small businesses

For only 57 € a month you rent a perfect website, with everything you need today and no setup fees.

This plan fits 75% of small businesses and comes with:

Rent Your Website Now

With the Silver Plan it’s easy to rent a good, professional website.  On top of that you get all the advantages of a real WordPress website: scalability, extendability … This will definately become your final website.  Even if fashion changes and your website starts to look a bit outdated, this can be fixed in a matter of hours.  Without losing one letter of your content.

Talking about fashion and looks, below you can see a few layout examples.  No need to pick one from this limited selection, but they can spark your imagination.  Just tell us which one you like and how you want it adapted.

Here’s how it works!


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