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Local SEO: Rank Better in Google Maps

Local SEO: Rank Better in Google Maps

Local SEO is getting more and more important these days. We are entering a mobile (SEO) revolution and people are searching more specific and expect more relevant search results. Googles’ semantic search engines (since Google Hummingbird) know this and that is why you will see local search results (Google Maps) more often with a search that qualifies for this type of result.

How to optimize for Local SEO?

In the following article we will show you in 5 practical steps how to rank your website better and higher in Google Maps (Local SEO). You will also find the necessary images, charts, links and codes to do so.

Step 1: Address on your website

The first logical step off course is to put your NAW-credentials on your website. You should do this anyway to enhance the trust for your webiste.

However if you only insert text it will only be usefull and understandable for your website visitors. For Google it is still just content and so it is good practice to “label” your credentials with the richt mark up so Google can read the meaning (semantic) of these address credentials. Here is some more information about rich markup:

Step 2: Rich Markup after NAW credentials

To label your NAW credentials so Google can understand them you use the rich markup from http://schema.org/LocalBusiness. Here is an example of the code you could use:

<div itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/LocalBusiness”>
<span itemprop=”name”>Business Name</span>
<div itemprop=”address” itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/PostalAddress”>
<span itemprop=”streetAddress”>Address</span>
<span itemprop=”addressLocality”>Locality</span>,
<span itemprop=”addressRegion”>Province</span>
<span itemprop=”postalCode”>Postalcode</span>
Phone: <span itemprop=”telephone”>Telephone number</span>

Google map on your website

Besides your written address it is good practice to also put a Google map with your location on your website. Here you see how we did this on our website:

Google Map with Address on your Website

You can build your own Google Map with your business address(es) here.

Not ready to start using and implementing code on your website? Contact us and we can implement this for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Step 3: Google plus businesspage

Now your address is on your website, you will want to create an official business page with Google Plus where you put the same credentials. You can create a Google business page here or you can manage your existing location here. Make sure your address is exactly the same both on your website as on your page.

Your page will probably be displayed in Google / Google Maps when people search your business name, this also builds trust with your potential customers:

Rank in Google (Local SEO)

Step 4: Google plus page in your websites’ code

To rank even better in Google maps you should clearly link your business page and your website. You do this by using the url to your business page as “publisher” in the source code of your website.

Rich markup local seo publisher page

Step 5: Make your google plus business page rich

With SEO there is one golden rule: the richer your content, the better you will rank. A blog with lots of content, images, videos, external links, comments, social shares, etc. will rank better then a naked piece of text.

This is also the case with your Google plus page. When you fill this as much as possible with your logo, description, pictures (in all categories) etc. you will show up above your competition in the local search results (Google Maps), who might only have minimal content on their page (or don’t have an official page but have been indexed by Google).

Don’t forget to select the right categories for your business:

Select category for Google maps


Also reviews on your Google plus page help you rank. Personally I haven’t given this much attention, simply because I know from experience that in many business categories you will not get any since your clients/customers don’t think about giving one. If you would like to help me with my first review(s) I would be very grateful off course ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can do so by Googling my business name and clicking the review button or by going to the Sem-Express business page directly.

Google reviews to rank better in Google maps

Extra tip 1: Social media influences

The reviews on your Facebook business page are also shown in the Google search results. This kind of social media influences help you Local SEO Score, especially when you clearly only have one official page for your business.

Extra tip 2: Mobile friendly website

This might be needles to mention but just to be sure: Make sure your website is optimally mobile responsive or mobila adaptive.

Mobile friendly website


There are many more seo tips you can use to rank better in Google maps but these basics are usually enough to get in the top results. If you have any questions or getting nice results, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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