25 Feb

The New Facebook Like Button has Arrived!

The New Facebook Like Button with emoticons has Arrived!

This is it! The new Facebook Like Button has arrived! The new button was just activated and is being rolled out for all Facebook users worldwide. The changes to the Facebook Like Button were announced in October 2015, but we had to wait until now to see it implemented on a global basis. This is how the new button looks like:

An addition to the Facebook Like Button

“From now on Facebook users can really show their emotion about a post, a news item, a video or a picture with the all new reactions feature”, says Facebook.

Facebook grouped the most common reactions to Facebook posts in five categories and looked for a way to incorporate these emotions in the news feed. The result: Reactions, an addition to the well known Facebook Like Button. This is how it looks on Facebook:


Why the change?

According to Facebooks’ Chris Cox is a Like often not the appropriate way to react to certain posts. That’s why there is a need for an adaptable button that gives users the opportunity to react with more emotions.

“At Facebook we have had many long discussions about the ways to introduce more Like options without drastically changing Facebooks’ interface,” Cox tells Bloomberg. He also said that it was Mark Zuckerberg himself who came up with the solution: “Mark suggested to keep the Like button and only show the new reactions when a users hovers over the button. That was the idea with which we started the development”.

From now on you can not only Like, but also Wow, HaHa and Love a post in your News Feed. What about that?

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