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Rent your website or webshop without any investment. The ideal formula for starting business owners and start-up companies. The perfect solution with search engine optimized pages, fully responsive design, upto 5 languages, and more...

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Young start-ups don’t have it easy in the current economy.  That’s why we have decided to lend them a helping hand in our field of expertise: good, reliable, powerfull and responsive websites.

Instead of having to choose between an amateuristic website, or a relatively big investment, you can now rent your WordPress website or webshop.  Without any investment.

Starting at only 37€ a month, you can rent an evolving website from us, you can always add additional functionalities at a later stage, if and when they are needed.  The possibilities of WordPress are allmost unlimited.

For a low monthly payment you can now rent your site, based on one of the most popular content management systems in the world: WordPress.  You benefit from ongoing improvements to this cms by a community of developers, this means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it.

You keep your options open to more functionality, another layout, more languages or whatever you want, now and in the future.  With the right formula you also benefit from our extensive search engine optimization knowledge, this ensures people will actually find and visit you website because of its better rankings in the search results.

We have developed 4 balanced membership plans for you:

Rent Your Website Bronze Plan
Rent Your Website Silver Plan
Rent Your Website Gold Plan
Rent Your Webshop Platinum Plan

Bronze Plan ‘Rent Your Website’

The Bronze Plan is the ideal entry level plan to rent your website, a simple site for your restaurant, bar, boutique, …  For only 37€ a month and no setup fee you can rent a beautiful website and add your own content without limits.  Additional pages, blog posts, photos, videos, … everything is possible.  Within one week we setup the framework of your website following your specifications, in accordance with your company colors, with your logo and your company address.  You even get 3 months of online support for free to get you going.  Renting your website has never been easier.

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Silver Plan ‘Rent Your Website’

The same as the Bronze Plan but with a few professional extras.  With the Silver Plan you also get a nice company banner with you logo and any images you send us, an unlimited number of image galleries, links to your social media and last but not least: you get the basic SEO package implemented.  SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the secret weapon behind your website, it makes people that don’t know you or your company visit your website through a Google Search.  This way your website is not only your company presentation, but also a strong marekting tool which will bring you a lot of new customers.

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Gold Plan ‘Rent Your Website’

The most complete plan to rent your website.  Everything from the Silver Plan, but even more comprehensive.  You get animated banners at the top of your website, slideshows, full SEO package, possibillity to add 4 extra languages, make parts of your content only available to members, newsletters, … In short, with the Gold Plan you can rent a highly professional website which comes close to perfection and would cost you several thousends to buy.

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Platinum Plan ‘Rent Your Webshop’

For those who only want the very best.  Without one cent of investment, you can rent a professional webshop for only 197€ a month.  This plan gives you everything a real internet marketer wants, including the SSL certificate (Https://) and you would only find in a professional custom designed webshop.  Only this one doesn’t cost you tens of thousends like you would pay otherwise.

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